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Last modified on April 2nd, 2024

Ideal for monitoring rooms, meeting rooms, offices, classrooms, warehouses, rooms, production areas, cold rooms, greenhouses, technical rooms. But also, for example, in boats and caravans there, mold tends to form in the winter quarters if you forget to air them regularly. Depending on humidity and heat development.

Currently these sensors are in great demand for offices, classrooms etc. to monitor the Co2 level correlated with the occurrence of aerosols and get a message when it is time to ventilate again.

What and how do you use it? What other areas of application and use cases can you think of?

ZENNER IoT Plug and Play Use Case: Co2 and Room Climate Monitoring with ELSYS ERS Sensors

You can find more information about the Elsys ERS Co2 & multifunction room climate sensor on the article page for the ELSYS ERS Co2 in the ZENNER shop.

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