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Are you a user, interested newcomer or enthusiast and looking for an exchange with like-minded people or inspiration for exciting (LoRaWAN®) use cases in the Internet of Things (IoT)? Then you are exactly right here. The offer of this IoT Community is aimed at everyone who is looking for digital solutions for analog issues. Together we find them here in the B.One Community – simple, user-oriented and always according to the motto: unpack, plug in, have fun.

Your Advantages as a Member

Direct exchange
with like-minded

Share your creative ideas and exchange experiences or problems with other Members, in your region and throughout Germany. With your commitment, you contribute to further developing the constantly growing range of visualizations and applications of the Minol-ZENNER Group. And help others to implement their innovative ideas in the Internet of Things.

Regional & Topic-specific

Get in touch with other IoT-interested users via direct messages or share your ideas and content in regional or topic-specific Communities. Join an existing Community or simply create your own. You decide for yourself whether the content is publicly visible or only visible to your community members.

Inspiration & assistance
for tools & use cases

In the Community Blog you will find a lot of inspiration on topics related to the Internet of Things and LoRaWAN®. Exciting use cases, exclusive project insights, product presentations, test reports on sensors and gateways, and the latest news about the Internet of Things. You can also find help with IoT tools such as the B.One Gallery and the ZENNER Datahub there, as well as in the corresponding Forums. Become an author yourself and provide your own contributions for the Community.

Buld & Usage
of shared IoT Infrastructure

When you buy a ZENNER IoT GatewayPLUS with LoRaWAN® connectivity, you are helping to set up a jointly usable IoT infrastructure and thus actively promote digitization in public space, in education, medium-sized companies, buildings and cities and other areas. In addition to the constantly growing LoRaWAN® “Community Network”, you also benefit from access to the LoRaWAN® EUROPE network from ZENNER Connect.

Member Gateways on the Community Map

The map below gives you an overview of where members of the B.One Community have installed their own LoRaWAN® ZENNER IoT GatewayPLUS and shared its approximate position with the Community. By clicking on one of the circles you can see in more detail where you can expect LoRaWAN® network coverage with these gateways alone*. You can learn more about the map in our Quick Guide – Community Map.

*Disclaimer: Coverage shown is based on simulation results and calculations. Actual coverage with LoRaWAN® may vary for technical reasons. There is no entitlement to LoRaWAN® coverage in the areas shown.

Your Advantages with a ZENNER IoT GatewayPLUS

You don’t have a LoRaWAN® gateway yet or are you looking for an IoT Plug & Play solution? Then purchase one of the preconfigured ZENNER IoT gateways and suitable sensors for visualizing your application ideas in the ZENNER shop.

The purchase of a ZENNER IoT GatewayPLUS (SMART, Indoor or Outdoor) is not a prerequisite for joining the B.One Community. However, you are thereby creating the basis for implementing your use cases in the Internet of Things, as in addition to the pure hardware, you also receive access to the LoRaWAN® EUROPE network of ZENNER Connect GmbH, one of the largest LoRaWAN® network operators in Germany with continuous growth in Europe. By (optionally) making the gateways available to each other or making them known on the network within the community, a jointly usable IoT infrastructure with ever-growing network coverage is created. And last but not least, with a GatewayPLUS you have the opportunity to enjoy the convenient ZENNER IoT PLUG&PLAY This gives you access to the visualization platform B.One Gallery, in which you can easily visualize and evaluate the data from your sensors – without your own development or setup effort.

ZENNER IoT GatewayPLUS SMART mit WLAN-Konnektivität von schräg vorne


Quickly and cost-effectively establish LoRaWAN® connectivity in buildings. For the realization of applications in areas such as Smart Home…

GatewayPLUS Indoor

Ensure LoRaWAN® network coverage in buildings for sensors that are difficult to access. For data transmission without any additional repeater...

ZENNER GatewayPLUS Outdoor mit LoRaWAN-Konnektivität von der Seite

GatewayPLUS Outdoor

Ensure LoRaWAN® network coverage in rural and urban areas. For cross-divisional realization of numerous IoT applications...