IoT in Homeoffice & Office: Healthy Room Climate with LoRaWAN® Part 1 – Basics & Sensors

ZENNER CO2 indicator and Sensative Strips +Comfort next to a desk in the home office
- 📖🕓 ≈  7 min - A pleasant and, above all, healthy working/room climate is an important factor for the highest possible productivity in the office, whether on site or in the home office. But how can you ensure this? A practical and cost-effective option is the use of IoT sensors and associated tools. In a two-part series of articles, we would therefore like to use the example of selected LoRaWAN® sensors and the visualization tool B.One Gallery to show you

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– 📖🕓 ≈  7 min – [Update des ursprünglichen Artikels vom 22.07.2022] The use of LoRaWAN® sensors in combination with a dashboard is ideal for monitoring the indoor climate in meeting rooms. That’s why we’re presenting a small series of articles that show you what a self-programmed indoor climate dashboard tailored to individual requirements based on the ZENNER Datahub IoT platform can look like.

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2 of my personal experience report on how I fared in practice when monitoring the humidity and the amount of light, and what my overall conclusion is.