Keep an eye on the water level with level sensors or level probes

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Would you like to keep an eye on the water level in your community, town or club, record it, evaluate it and be notified of any changes? Then take a look at the solutions in the B.One Gallery. With the appropriate sensor such as the level probe from Keller. You can also use other sensors, such as the Sensoneo Smart Waste level sensor.

  • Get notified in case of high water
  • Evaluate the use of water reservoirs
  • Get more information on how your waters behave over the year.

Take advantage of IoT to digitise tedious tasks and spend more time on the important things in your working day.

Flooding does not have to be the only application. Do you have a gutter that is constantly dirty and overflowing? Then simply measure the change in level of the rain barrel and bring this together with the current weather data. How? Check out our post on Grafana and MQTT.

Do you have any other ideas about what added value can be achieved in a simple way with the given means? Then write us in the comments or write your own article for the B.One community.

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