Intelligent use of soil moisture sensors for irrigation

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In the context of a customer request for the use of sensors and measurement of soil moisture, the idea came up to enrich the data of the sensors with external data on the LPDG Analytics in order to control the irrigation more intelligently.

My understanding is that the irrigation is started via the measurement of the soil moisture when it falls below a certain value. 

Problem: however, the sensor only “knows” the current value and irrigates even if it will rain during the night. On LPDG Analytics, we have already included weather data in the data model incl. Forecast.  

Solution outline:

  •  Transferring the soil moisture sensor values to LPDG Analytics
  • Enriching the sensor data with weather data/weather forecast of the next days on an hourly basis (already available) at the location of the sensor
  • Establishment of an intelligent control system that incorporates the predicted amount of precipitation into the decision of when and how much to irrigate
  •  Control of irrigation via LPDG Analytics. We should also be able to control the valve from the LPDG Analytics if we know the payload and the ID of the valve (in this case not GET but POST).

I am looking forward to your comments. 

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