Room climate dashboard based on B.One Middleware Part 2: Technical Implementation

Raumklima-Dashboard auf Basis der B.One Middleware Teil 2: Technische Umsetzung
- 📖🕓 ≈  6 min - As announced in the first part, in this second part we will go into the technical implementation of our room climate dashboard based on the B.One Middleware and the interaction of the respective devices, applications and technologies. Here is an overview of the exact content: 1. B.One Middleware as a DatabaseAll LoRaWAN® devices (ZENNER CO 2 indicator & ELSYS ERS Sound) used in connection with the indoor climate dashboard must first be registered in the

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Room Climate Dashboard based on B.One Middleware Part 1: A Sample Implementation

– 📖🕓 ≈  7 min – [Update des ursprünglichen Artikels vom 22.07.2022] The use of LoRaWAN® sensors in combination with a dashboard is ideal for monitoring the indoor climate in meeting rooms. That is why we are showing you in a small series of articles how a self-programmed indoor climate dashboard tailored to individual requirements based on our IoT platform B.One Middleware can look like.