Monitoring Garage Doors with IoT Sensors & the B.One Gallery – Netvox R718F vs. Sensative Strips (Part 3)

IoT sensors Sensative Strips +Drip and Netvox R718F next to the garage door
- 📖🕓 ≈  6 min - Article last updated: 01/31/2022 After I get you in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series of posts showed what you can do about Monitoring your garage door using IoT/LoRaWAN® needs how you do it Netvox R718F and the Sensative Multi-Sensor Strips +Drip and set it up, today in the last part I will go into the visualization of the two sensors and the setting up of (alarm) notifications in the B.One Gallery. Finally,

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