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  • schwooz

    16. June 2023 at 15:04

    Hello Lukas,

    exciting use case, even if it’s sad that you need solutions for it at all. Have you made any further progress here? If not, here’s a first idea I’d like to try:

    Convert existing socket(s) to a radio-controlled socket with a smart plug (such as this one: and connect and control the “signal light” and “siren” to it. As a result, they do not necessarily have to support LoRawAN and it may be a little easier to find suitable devices for it or one that can do both. Then use the RuleEngine in the ZENNER Datahub to store the relevant rules, which send a downlink to the radio-controlled socket with the relevant command when it is opened (perhaps simply turn the power on when it is opened and turn the power off when it is closed).

    How does that sound to you? Like I said, I’d just give it a try. Let’s see what comes out of it in the end 🙂

    Best regards