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  • Gerco

    29. November 2022 at 14:46


    Thanks for your reply. My business partnered with another business recently. My task is to integrate the data they’re receiving via ZENNER Datahub with our software. So yes there is a tenant, list of sensors, data and everything. Except for some parsers. They’re probably using sensors which don’t have parsers yet. Last thing I heard was that there is something in the works. But since I’m waiting anyway and are technically capable of parsing the data on my own (in my own code) I was wondering what the official way of doing this would be in your platform (i’m asking this because I see an option to add a parser as a user) I see you’re workng with uri’s so apparently parsers are hosted somewhere. But how exactly and what in- and outputs are expected I can’t find anywhere.

    Please contact me via email if this is way too specific for a community forum 😉